Students’ Online Exhibition

The Journalism students of Yerevan Brusov State University in 2020 got acquainted with photo making techniques in frames of the course Photo-Video Shooting and Editing (Lecturer: Seg Kirakossian). Examples of students’ works are below. Due to the Covid-19 epidemic situation, the tasks of students were in frames of the following 2 headings – “1 Meter From Me” and “A View From My Window”.
  • Arpi Gabrielyan - Inside Out
    Arpi Gabrielyan – focus manipulation
  • Syuzi Harutyunyan - Flowers
    Syuzi Harutyunyan – focus and optical manipulation
  • Syuzi Harutyunyan - Real and Fake Drops
    Syuzi Harutyunyan – focus and electronic manipulation
  • Syuzi Harutyunyan - Clouds
    Syuzi Harutyunyan – focus and optical manipulation; Symmetry and Centred Composition principles
  • Emma Tadevosyan - Cloud Spray
    Emma Tadevosyan – optical manipulation
  • Emma Tadevosyan - Hope Flower
    Emma Tadevosyan – focus manipulation
  • Emma Tadevosyan - Steam
    Emma Tadevosyan – Optical manipulation
  • Zara Avetisyan - A Toy
    Zara Avetisyan – Frame In a Frame rule of a Shot composition
  • Anna Tsaturyan - A Mouthful of Cake
    Anna Tsaturyan – optical manipulation
  • Yeva Harutyunyan - Treasure Box
    Yeva Harutyunyan – the Leading Lines principle of Shot composition
  • Anna Tsaturyan - The Writer
    Anna Tsaturyan – optical and focus manipulation
  • Anna Tsaturyan - Big Shoes, Small Body
    Anna Tsaturyan – optical manipulation
For the admission to the Journalism department of the Brusov University can be found here.

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