Film Research

Since my childhood, when I was attending debate clubs, I was forcing myself to be more critical and more analytical towards myself and what I see around me. The non-formal educational projects and intercultural learning gave me an opportunity to widen my outlook, to understand the importance of being a researcher by nature, also in film production.

Film analyzing abilities I developed during my master’s degree when I wrote my master’s thesis on the aesthetical and formal aspects of documentary filmmaking. I was lucky to have the author of the book “Cinema of Armenia” (English publication by “Mazda Publishers”), Dr. Siranush Galstyan who led me in this field since 2005, including my PhD research till 2016.

My articles published in Scientific journals can be found in my website, in the section “SCIENCE”.

The ability of film analysis is important not only for film critics and researchers but also for any person who would like to watch a film and understand both the visible and invisible sides of the film (phenomena hidden under the images, sounds, colors, forms, words, historical background etc). I suggest private and group courses for film criticism as well as for film research.

According to the needs of the learner, the following topics should be covered partially or fully to develop critical and analytical abilities in documentary films:

  • Social context
  • Artistic solutions
  • Technical range
  • Harmony between different parts and components
  • Justification
    Each of the terms mentioned above contains a variety of branches to be discovered.