Stronger Composition: Frame Within the Frame

The “Frame Within the Frame” is a compositional technique in photography where the photographer uses elements within the scene to create a frame around the main subject.

Before looking for framing elements, identify the main subject of your photograph. It could be a person, an object, or a scene that you want to highlight and draw attention to. Then look for elements within the environment that can naturally frame or surround your subject. This could include archways, doorways, windows, tree branches, or any other structural or natural elements that form a visual border around the subject. The frame acts as a visual guide, leading the viewer’s eyes towards the central subject.

The type of frame within the frame you choose can influence the mood of your photograph. For example, an arched doorway might add a touch of elegance, while tree branches might create a more natural and rustic feel.

Picture SKRC 4.1, Frame Within the Frame

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