Interview Techniques and Story Development in Documentary Filmmaking

Aim of the Workshop: In the captivating “Interview Techniques and Story Elicitation in Documentary Filmmaking” workshop, participants will immerse themselves in the art of conducting impactful interviews and drawing out compelling stories from their subjects. Led by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Seg Kirakossian, this workshop is tailored to equip filmmakers with the skills and techniques necessary to capture authentic narratives and create engaging documentaries.

Workshop Leader: Seg Kirakossian, a documentary filmmaker with over 12 years of experience, is your expert guide. With a reputation for crafting emotionally resonant and thought-provoking documentaries, Seg will share his expertise in conducting interviews and drawing out the essence of each story.

Duration: 120 Minutes

Target Group: This workshop is designed for aspiring and experienced documentary filmmakers, directors, producers, and interviewers eager to enhance their storytelling abilities. It’s a must-attend for students, independent filmmakers, and professionals looking to create documentaries that deeply connect with audiences.


  • The Art of Interviewing: Explore the principles and techniques of conducting impactful interviews, including research, rapport-building, and active listening.
  • Story Elicitation: Discover strategies for drawing out authentic and emotional stories from your subjects, whether they are experts, everyday individuals, or extraordinary characters.
  • Effective Questioning: Learn how to craft questions that elicit meaningful responses and drive the narrative of your documentary.
  • Interview Analysis: Analyze real interview clips from renowned documentaries to gain insights into successful interview techniques.

Expected Results

By the end of this workshop, participants can expect to:

  • Develop advanced interview skills, enabling them to connect with subjects and extract powerful stories.
  • Gain the ability to craft thought-provoking questions that uncover authentic narratives.
  • Elevate the impact and authenticity of their documentaries through skilled interviewing techniques.


For event organizers interested in offering this enlightening workshop to their participants, please contact us at Join us in this transformative journey through the art of interview techniques and story elicitation in documentary filmmaking. Empower your participants to capture profound human experiences and create documentaries that resonate deeply with audiences.