Documentary Editing: Crafting a Narrative

Aim of the Workshop: In the engaging “Documentary Editing: Crafting a Narrative” workshop, participants will embark on a transformative journey into the art of documentary editing. Led by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Seg Kirakossian, this workshop is designed to equip filmmakers with the skills and insights needed to craft powerful and emotionally resonant narratives in their documentaries.

Workshop Leader: Seg Kirakossian, a highly accomplished documentary filmmaker with over 12 years of experience, is your expert guide. Renowned for his masterful storytelling through editing, Seg will share their expertise in the intricate craft of editing documentaries.

Duration: 120 Minutes

Target Group: This workshop is tailored for documentary filmmakers, editors, and content creators who are eager to elevate their editing skills and create documentaries that captivate and inspire. It’s essential for students, independent filmmakers, and industry professionals looking to unlock the full potential of their documentary narratives through expert editing techniques.


  • The Art of Documentary Editing: Explore the unique principles and techniques that define the art of editing in the context of documentaries.
  • Narrative Structure: Learn how to structure and shape a compelling narrative arc, including pacing, tension, and emotional resonance.
  • Effective Editing Tools: Dive into the tools and software commonly used in documentary editing, with practical tips and insights.
  • Editing Case Studies: Analyze clips from renowned documentaries to gain insights into successful editing techniques and narrative choices.

Expected Results

By the end of this workshop, participants can expect to:

  • Develop advanced editing skills and an understanding of how to shape narratives effectively in documentaries.
  • Be equipped with practical editing techniques, enhancing their ability to craft emotionally engaging stories.
  • Gain the confidence to take their documentary projects to new heights through expert editing.


For event organizers interested in offering this enriching workshop to their participants, please contact us at Join us in this transformative journey through the art of documentary editing. Empower your participants to create documentaries that not only inform but also deeply resonate with audiences through masterful editing.